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Now Let's Talk about Edible Bird's Nest

Quick Overview About Edible Bird's Nest

What is edible bird's nest? Why are they so popular in the Chinese community and what are the benefits?

Benefits for People at Different Ages

For Men

When men consume edible bird’s nest, it nourisher their lungs and stomach, replenish Qi and spleen, improve physical fitness, enhance physical fitness, relieve stress and eliminate fatigue. Another good bird's nest effectiveness is to clear the lungs and nourish the lungs, which is very good for the respiratory system. Modern men are under tremendous pressure at work and in life, and they often have to socialize, smoke and drink. The bird's nest is a rare good product for "lung washing".

For Women

Edible bird's nest, which consumed by women regularly, keep the skin moisturized, smooth, elasticize and regulate the hormonal circulation. Edible bird’s nest has good effects against women in skin caring, soften and whitening, clearing acne, replenish and support blood circulation, and remove stagnation. It also has beneficial effects for women with menstrual disorders, such as menstrual pain and bleeding.

Pregnant Women

Women need dietary supplements most during pregnancy, because the edible bird's nest is rich in active proteins, it can promote the development of human tissues and improve immunity. The consumption of an edible bird’s nest by pregnant women can not only nourish the mother's body, but also the acid contained in the edible bird's nest can strengthen future newborns.

Middle-aged and Elderly

Middle-aged and elderly people are in a phase of physical decline. The active water-soluble glycoproteins in the edible bird's nest can directly stimulate the growth of immune system cells, improve human immunity, promote metabolism, effectively improve blood circulation and lower cholesterol.

Children and Teens

Consuming edible bird's nest regularly can promote metabolism, improve physical performance, strengthen all aspects of body functions, strengthen immunity, increase resistance, prevent disease invasion and promote brain development, increase intelligence and responsiveness.