Frequently Asked Questions - DH Emperor Bird's Nest

Frequently Asked Questions

Consumption of edible bird's nest

1When is the best time to consume edible bird's nest?
Best to consume on empty stomach in the morning between 6am to 7am, or just before bed. Consuming edible bird's nest during this period ensure the edible bird’s nest nutrients can be absorbed efficiently, which also has good nourishing effect to your body.
2How to consume instant bird's nest?
You may drink it straight from the bottle, or pour it into a bowl and mix with milk, coconut milk, rock sugar or honey (if unsweetened).
3Is instant bird's nest suitable for me?
While edible bird’s nest is rich of nutrients, it is not suitable for all people. For patients with cold and fever, people with protein allergies, children under 6 months of age, untreated cancer patients and advanced cancer patients, consuming edible bird’s nest not only will it not nourish the body, but also slows down the recovery or worsen the disease. Please consult your doctor prior to consuming edible bird’s nest.
4Avoid acidic food
Try to avoid consuming instant bird’s nest with acidic foods, and avoid drinking strong tea, this is to prevent the acidic food from destroying the nutrients in the instant bird's nest, and greatly reduced the nourishing effect of the instant bird's nest.
5Can I reheat instant bird's nest?
If you prefer to consume warm instant bird's nest, you may do so by pouring it into a bowl and place the bowl in a warm water bath for 10 minutes. DO NOT microwave or boil the bird's nest directly in a pot as the instant bird's nest is already cooked, and by doing so will dissolve the bird's nest.

Storing instant edible bird's nest

1How to store instant bird's nest?
As instant (ready to consume) bird's nest is a simmered (cooked) bird's nest, so it is more difficult to store than dried bird's nest. First of all, the spoon used to scoop the instant bird nest must be clean, hygienic and the temperature should not be too high. Second, the instant bird's nest should be refrigerated at 0-4 degrees Celsius. In addition, the instant bird’s nest must be completely consumed within 7 days once lid is opened.

Other information

1About Our Edible Bird's Nest
Our edible bird's nest are 100% natural Premium Grade 4A, which means every cup weights between 4-6 gram. Each cup nest are hand-picked and hand-cleaned, and sourced from Malaysia. NO bleaching, NO preservatives, NO additives, NO chemicals are added to our edible bird's nest.
2Why are rock sugars used to simmer edible bird’s nest instead of brown or white sugar?
Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners believe that rock sugar is the purest, most nourished and nutritious amongst all sugars, they can nourish the lungs and revive qi. White sugar produces phlegm, while brown sugar is known to contain heat property, therefore, rock sugar is best suited for simmering edible bird's nest. If your cough contains phlegm, it is best to consume edible bird’s nest without adding any sugars (Like our Natural Unsweetened Bird’s Nest).